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Income Tax

Income tax is a form of tax that UK taxpayers pay the government on their income. You’re not only taxed on your personal income, but you might also be taxed on other income sources such as dividends and interest from savings over a certain amount.

Income tax is the government’s main source of revenue and is collected by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on their behalf. The government uses the revenue from income tax to provide funding for public services such as the NHS, education and the welfare system. This revenue is also used for other investments for public use, such as road construction, railways and housing.

Who pays income tax?

Income tax applies to most types of income, including the salary you earn from your job, profit earned from your business, pensions, and even the rent you receive if you’re a landlord. Corporations, estates and other types of entities are also required to pay tax on their profits.

You might not have to pay income tax on all of your income, because most people qualify for one or more types of tax-free allowances or tax relief. An allowance is the amount of taxable income you can earn before paying income tax.

How is income tax calculated?

Income tax is made up of different bands. Your income tax will be calculated based on the income tax band you’re in. The more income you earn, the higher your tax band, which means you’ll pay a higher amount of income tax. Income tax bands are designed to make paying tax as fair as possible to everyone, so that those who earn the most, contribute more.

Compliance with the latest government legislation.

Weekly or monthly payslips showing the respective Tax, National Insurance payments.

SMP and SSP calculations.

Handle your real-time information tax returns.

Year end Forms submitted to the Inland Revenue

Backup support and help line available

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